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I went outside to walk my dogs,and both of them were barking in time,which amazed me.Then,they barked arf oof arf oof off arf,and I was like WTF O_O.

How to rename yourself?

2011-10-01 20:22:18 by tankattack1

I was wondering since I joined Newgrounds how you changed your username.Anybody got any ideas? I just want to capitalize my T and A so that it would look like TankAttack1.

the chat

2011-09-05 15:45:41 by tankattack1

Guys,the chat needed fixing for about a month now,and PodnerODunk STILL hasn't fixed it. I regonize that many Newgrounders would like this fixed.PodnerODunk,please fix this. We really want to chat again.



chat was good.........

2011-08-27 00:17:04 by tankattack1

even though i got banned a record 2 minutes,chronmaut's chat was pretty good.go to his page, go check it out.It's worth your while,since the ng chat is down.chromaut,you can totally ignore this if you want,cause i'm too inexperienced. GO OPTUMISM!!!!

CLOCK DAY 2011!!!!

2011-08-15 18:56:16 by tankattack1

YAY! Its clock day 2011!! Whats your fave clock?Mine is the strawberry,of course.

TO THE PORTAL!!! My 1st post

2011-07-30 14:13:10 by tankattack1 /post# Hey,Newgrounders,this is my 1st post.Been on for a month now,mostly writing reviews and rating games.By the way, does Flash's game maker cost anything?